Somatic Health & Wellness Coaching


I help others create a healthy relationship between mind and body (somatics). We explore physical feeling, logical feelings, energy, emotions, self love and self care, inner parts work/internal family systems (IFS), and how it is all interconnected. Through this understanding we invite a paradigm shift away from fighting reality, and into clearing away all the physical and emotional stuff you hold. As we clear away the clutter and create empty space, we can fill it with a healthy sense of self, embodying your true purpose and gifts in this life, and finding fulfillment in daily living.

“I am led by my body & soul, my mind follows.”
-North Star Healing Arts


A common issue we work on is strengthening your awareness of how stress affects you as an individual, and where you hold stress related tension. We also work on letting go of maintaining control, letting go of rejecting reality, and surrendering to what is… Most of the time, there is some aspect of your awareness that is very different from what you think it is. Gaining a realistic understanding of this is the first step towards embodying true change.


I believe we have two places in our bodies where we derive direction and purpose from, our mind and our intuition. Most people walk around operating primarily from their mind.  The mind is centered in our brain / skull. Our intuition is centered in our stomach. Have you ever felt like what you are doing in the moment isn’t in alignment with your true self and felt an uncomfortable sensation in your stomach? This happens for a reason, because your intuition is trying to tell you something and it doesn’t want to be ignored. How do you feel when someone ignores you? -Imagine being ignored your whole life… I help people foster a healthy connection with their intuition and mind, so they can work together harmoniously rather than one bullying the other.


Many of my clients are working with PTSD, DTD (developmental trauma), high stress, and high anxiety on a regular basis. I’ve been there too, and I understand on a deep level what it takes to achieve freedom from the grasp such things can impose.


Though my focus originally started out supporting people in person, I’ve continually received feedback from clients that the dialogue portion of our time together is just as valuable to them as the physical aspect. After having many unofficial virtual clients over the years, I officially started offering remote support in 2018. These sessions take place over google meet, zoom, or signal.


I have put my own twist on all this in order to connect the world of Somatic Psychology/Counseling with physical touch. I have been told in many ways that my coaching process has similarities with Somato-Emotional Release Therapy (SER), Hakomi Therapy, and Somatic Psychology.

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