Byron Katie’s Four Questions And The Turnaround

Write a list of your self limiting beliefs and for each belief, ask yourself the following questions:

The Four Questions

1. Is it true? (Y or N. If no, go to 3.)

2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Y or N)

3. When you believe this thought to be true, how do you feel? How do you treat other people or experiences when you feel that way? Who do you show up as?

4. Who would you be without that belief?

The Turnaround
Turn your belief around to the opposite, your self, and to the other.

For example, “People don’t like me.” turns around to:
• I don’t like me. (to the self)
• I don’t like people. (to the other)
• People like me. (to the opposite)

Look for instances when the turned around belief is true in your life. This allows you to feel what it would be like if you believed the opposite, and how it is the beliefs you hold on to as true that dictate whether or not you struggle in life.