energentics in petaluma
Everything has it’s own energetic signature. After being highly sensitive to the energies of others for decades, I now embrace my ability to connect with them. Join me for an experience of energetic balancing and relaxing mindfulness. One important distinction between the way I work with energy compared with some others (especially some Reiki practitioners), is how I facilitate a connection with you and your body to move the energy yourself -instead of moving it for you. I believe this distinction to be very important as to not impose my own thoughts of what I feel is most important onto you or your karma, and rather let your subconscious and conscious energetic bodies work together with my support.


I am a certified 7th generation Usui-Takata Reiki Master and teacher of the Usui Method of Natural Healing . My Reiki mentor is Marion Hakata. I often combine Ren-Shen style acupressure with my Reiki techniques as it is a very light form of acupressure based on energetic Qi / “Chi” and less of a physical pressure modality.


For me, shamanism is a language grounded in nature for connecting physicality and spirituality. We can all be shamans. A shaman is simply a person who acts as an instrument for energy, a channel to facilitate communication between the seen and the unseen. Someone who has done deep healing work, and gone as deep as needed to feel into the darkness, then returning to the light to help humanity increase it’s realized potential in this life and generations to come.

I have trained in Native American and African Shamanism, as well as Reiki Drumming. All of which help in healing the soul and helping people connect with what they truly want in life. Unlike some shaman traditions where the Shaman does the journey for you, I believe in facilitating a journey that you do for yourself.

I use this to increase my clients’ awareness of self in relation to what matters to them, nature and other beings by way of ceremony, ritual, meditation, and journey work. When done with intention and commitment in cooperation with nature, we can tap into the conduit that connects us all and in doing so brings clarity of purpose. Join me in downtown Petaluma, for a session in the heart of Sonoma County.

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