Sports Injury Massage


Sports Injury Massage is for everyone, not just athletes. It basically approaches an issue from a practical perspective rather than a spa-like-relaxation perspective. I have trained in many forms of bodywork and I often incorporate several of them during a session, based on what’s going on and where it is in the body. This includes modalities like myofascial release (mfr), craniosacral therapy, positional release, sports massage therapy & stretching, neuromuscular release therapy, shiatsu, acupressure, and Thai massage.

I focus on individual parts of the body that need attention the most, rather than obsessing about providing a “full body massage”. If lotion or oil is called for, I use much less than other massage therapists (especially if they work in a spa, or if they are primarily Swedish/deep tissue practitioners). This allows a slower, more controlled and focused movement across the skin helping me feel what is going on underneath.

Soothing Massage Therapy in Petaluma

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