Somatic life coaching


Would you like to feel compassionate toward yourself and others, trust more, let go of what holds you back, and live an empowered life you love?

As a coach I help foster a healthy understanding of your own connection between mind and body (somatics), what your goals are, and surrendering to what is in order to stop fighting reality and start attracting what you truly want.

“I am led by my heart and soul, my body and mind follow.”
-Wayne Noel

A common issue I work on with many clients is strengthening your awareness of how/where you hold tension, the way you breathe (into the stomach vs into the chest and tensing neck/chest muscles), how much you can let go of maintaining control or allowing for relaxation of a body part like your arm, etc… 9 times out of 10 there is some aspect of awareness that is very different from what you think it is, and gaining a realistic understanding of this is the first step towards beginning the embodiment of true change.

Many of my clients are working with PTSD, high stress, and anxiety on a regular basis. I’ve been there too, and I understand on a deep level what it takes to achieve freedom from the grasp such things can impose.

Another common issue many of my clients deal with daily is being stuck in their head all the time. I address this in a way that brings presence and awareness into the body and feeling from there rather than always operating from your head.

Whatever my clients’ goals are, I offer consistent and dependable accountability. You don’t have to make it alone, and rather than relying solely on family or friends, my clients know that I am a stand for what they want and I am so from a professional viewpoint. Family and friends usually have their own version of who they see you as, which can often be limiting when you feel the need to change. I don’t project a vision of who I think you are; rather I help you surrender into your body and feel into the things you are wrestling with, to find peace of mind, and feel inspired in this life.

For some clients I also offer assistance with things outside of the practice, like:
–Organizing a disorganized home (home visits with practical suggestions)
–Making custom memory foam pillows for back sleeping and side sleeping
–Outdoor coastal hikes in Point Reyes with somatic coaching
–Indoor/Outdoor ritual/ceremony ideas & creation
–etc… (Do you have another idea? Let me know. People are complex and being flexible on how to support you is key to helping you find your way…)

I have put my own twist on all this in order to connect the world of Somatic Psychology/Counseling with physical touch. I have been told in many ways that my coaching process has similarities with Somato-Emotional Release Therapy (SER), Hakomi Therapy, and Somatic Psychology, where in my case I am more seated in touch.

If you’d like to know more about the coaching I offer, click here to send me an email.

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