Sound Healing


“There is no agent so powerful in giving us real rest as true music… It does for heart and mind, and also for the body, what sleep does for the body alone.” -Auguste Gratry

I cater my sound healing sessions to the client, so it is never exactly the same. My practice is based in downtown Petaluma, Sonoma County. The ingredients I use most often are large crystal singing bowls, somatic guided meditation, and buffalo drumming.

Vibrational sound healing bypasses the body’s cell walls and gets into the cytoplasm, helping to reset the cells to a more neutral state. This aids in relieving emotions, stress, allergies, physical tension, and bringing our nervous system into a calm state (rather than fight/flight mode, the state the body is in when feeling stress).

The Treatment Room

I have an amazing collection of 12 crystal bowls, some of which are the largest sizes available anywhere, this adds an incredible amount of penetrating vibrational resonance during my treatments.

Wayne practicing sound healing with two children.
Wayne practicing sound healing with two children.

Clients who have had other singing bowl treatments often give me feedback that my bowls are more therapeutic and calming than the smaller bowls most practitioners in the area use.

I love my collection of bowls, and I have no doubt that after experiencing them you’ll love them too.

In addition to individual sound healing treatments, I also offer couples and group sessions for an additional $80 fee added to my hourly rates viewable here . These are for 2 or more people and take place in your home or a space you provide within 25 miles of Petaluma.

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Plug your phone or computer into a stereo that has a large subwoofer and quality speakers. Lay with the speakers on both sides of your head (about 2 feet away) and position the subwoofer below your feet facing your body.

Play a track below and close your eyes. As you listen to the music focus on what you feel in your body while continually taking deep breaths.

My bowls during the day / during the night.
My bowls during the day / during the night.

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