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Sound Healing Bath Pricing

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Pro Bono/Sliding Scale Clients

Payment types accepted



(At my home in Cotati)

OUTCALL SESSIONS – $220 + Travel
(You provide the location)

*For outcalls outside of Petaluma, I charge a travel fee of $1 per mile roundtrip, measured from the center of Petaluma (Petaluma, CA 94954).

*I have a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. If cancelling or rescheduling less than 24 hours before your appointment, I ask that you mail a check for your missed appointment. Please email me here to request a mailing address and “made payable to” information.



  • Monday-Friday: $540 base fee + Travel
  • Saturday & Sunday: $1100 base fee + Travel
  • Travel is $1 p/mile roundtrip. Calculated via distance from Petaluma, CA.

Base fee + Travel fee due upon booking in order to hold the date.

Additional options

  • Personal Comfort Package Rentals – (Includes 1 yoga mat, 1 blanket, and 1 pillow). All items are cleaned before each use. Must be arranged at least 1 week prior to sound bath. You are also welcome to provide your own.
  • Reinforced Sound Systems – Depending on location & size of group. This can include speakers, microphones etc…. Dependent on the event.
  • Events more than 300 miles away from San Francisco – Let me know what you are thinking and I can give you an idea of what’s possible and what it might cost.

Additional info

  • Sound healing baths are available 7 days a week.
  • I require 2 hours for load-in and setting up.
  • I require 1 hour to put everything away and load-out.
  • Sessions take place at a private location provided by the client. Or, I can find a space for the group and add the space rental fee to the total cost.

*Click here to inquire about scheduling a sound healing bath.



$1200 Booking Fee

    • Paid in two installments of $600
    • 1st payment is a non-refundable deposit
    • 2nd (final) payment is due 7 days prior
    • I can provide the location if needed for an additional $300


    • Takes place at a private location you provide
    • I can provide the location if needed for an additional $300

Some details:

    • 2 table sessions facilitated over the course of the day (mainly involving craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, sound healing, and somatic coaching).
    • 1 Sound bath
    • Guided and intentional processes.
    • We work together to go deep into your inner self and work on letting go of what no longer serves you, and to embrace what does.
    • No caffeine, alcohol, dairy, or processed sugar. Starting 3 days prior and ending 1 day after.
    • Eating simply and minimally is important while in this space.
    • These intensives can happen anywhere in the world.

My Travel Fees:

    • $0 for locations provided within 30 miles of Petaluma
    • $200 for locations provided within 30-80 miles of Petaluma
    • $400 for locations provided within 80-160 miles of Petaluma
    • $600 for locations provided within 160-300 miles of Petaluma
    • $1500 for locations provided more than 300 miles from Petaluma
    • *Inquire for more information

*For day long intensives, I have a 1 week cancellation/rescheduling policy.


  • There are many possibilities
  • Inquire to discuss and for more information

Here’s an example of a 5 day retreat I have put on several times for small groups:

Day 1 – Arrival, checking in, discussing what will take place, questions/answers, Invoking our intentions for the experience, mindfulness meditation, walking, 2hr treatment session (craniosacral/myofascial release), visioning (board or guided journey), journaling.

Day 2 – Waking mindfulness meditation, journaling, walking, 2hr treatment session in the morning, walking, napping, 2hr treatment session in the afternoon, quiet reflection.

Day 3 – Day of silence (non-verbal communication only), wake and take a silent walk, mindfulness meditation, crystal singing bowl sound healings (1 in the late morning and 1 in the early evening), journaling, 1 to 2 hours of solo dancing, depending on your energy level (I choose the music based partially on your input, my knowledge of appropriate music, and my witnessing of you thus far).

Day 4 – Waking mindfulness meditation, journaling, walking, 2hr treatment session in the morning, walking, napping, 2hr treatment session in the afternoon, quiet reflection.

Day 5 – Decompression, discussing what occurred for you, questions/answers, restating our original intentions for the experience and adding new clarity or redirection, mindfulness meditation, somatic coaching, sound bath, journaling.



I offer 4 pro bono OR sliding scale treatments p/month for disabled clients, veterans suffering from PTSD, and those in need.

*Update through May 2023: Currently these 4 client spots are taken by individuals needing ongoing treatment, so I cannot accept anyone else into this program right now. When this changes I will update the status here.



Cash is the preferred method of payment. I also accept checks.

I do not accept or work with Insurance.

*Payment is collected at the start of session.