See what a few lovely clients have to say about their experience.

I had sciatica problems for years now and nothing really helped in the last. I tried deep tissue massage, stretching and training at the gym to strengthen the area but none of it worked well for me. I was obsessed with deep/strong pressure for years even though it never really worked. Wayne’s style surprised me on how much able to relax my back and realease the sciatica pain. Now, everytime it flares up I just set an appointment with Wayne and with it a couple sessions I’m good to go! I’m so thankful for Wayne glad I found him 🙏Andre Mejia
I walk my dog twice a day (morning and evening) and she is a strong, big dog. She yanks on my shoulder so often that I started developing a lot of achy pain that would radiate into my neck and back. At first I went to a chiropractor and that didn't help. Then I tried a couple traditional Swedish deep tissue therapists, but their massages only helped for like 2 hours after the massage was over. I felt defeated and ready to give up, just accept the pain and I was walking my dog one day by Aqus Cafe when I saw North Star Healing Arts' sign from the street. It felt like the universe showed me the sign at just the right time, so I made an appointment and I am so glad I did!! Wayne said he did Myofascial Release and Craniosacral therapy with me, I have never had those types of light treatments before, but wow! I felt like a weight had been lifted and I was so relaxed. The pain had dissipated during the treatment and didn't come back till a couple days later when my excited doggie yanked my shoulder again, back to Wayne I went. He's my go to now for any aches or pains and even when I'm just super stressed from work.Traci Higbee
Wayne is a fantastic guys who takes the time to get to know you and your body to plan out the best treatment. He is one of my favorite body workers I have been too, and I have seen over 10 different body workers! Warm and inviting atmosphere! Highly recommended!! 🙂Manna Chertov
Wayne has been my massage therapist for over 5 years now, and I feel blessed to have found him. He is highly skilled, intuitive, and committed to helping me feel better. He asks enough questions to be sure he has a full picture of what I need and always makes me feel completely relaxed on the table. After a treatment, I leave feeling acknowledged and healed. I absolutely recommend him for both bodywork (especially Myofascial Release) and sound healing. Bottom line, Wayne is amazing!Diana Andree
Wayne Noel has helped me with chronic pain I am impressed of his unique understanding of the natural body that he can get to the source of pain. Myofacial release is more than just a relaxing massage it has been the first time at a deeper level that I had some relief not like traditional massage. He also has great suggestion of exercises to help everyday.Marjaana Woodworth
I'm so happy Wayne has opened up his healing arts office here. He is such an accomplished and versatile practitioner. His sessions are truly healing. I love that he can approach the process from so many different levels and uses his strong intuition to serve the moment. I've been giving and receiving bodywork and energy work for over 3 decades, and Wayne is a keeper. That he combines multiple physical and energetic modalities with guided journeys and Reiki drumming (are you kidding me!), I'm like a kid in an embodied spiritual candy store! There are very few practitioners anywhere who do this. And Wayne does it exceptionally well. And he's such a sweet, real, down-to-earth guy. Very professional. Can't wait to go back!Steven Kimmelman
The treatment room is awesome! Wayne customizes the room including the color of the lights to match/adapt to what you are feeling would be most therapeutic/relaxing. I also was very surprised by the massage. I hadn't had Myofascial Release before. I felt a positive impact from the bodywork for about a week after. Wayne was very attuned, attentive and intentional which really made the massage great.Naomi Kimmelman
Wayne is a natural healer. As a Chiropractor who has been to many body workers over the years, I can say that Wayne brings a high level of presence and skill set while creating such a wonderfully held and open energetic space for deeper healing to occur. I always feel so deeply tended to and seen when receiving Wayne's bodywork and sound healing.Brian Lemesh
I would highly recommend Wayne. At first I was a little concerned about sharing so much personal information, yet when I met with Wayne, I found him nothing but professional,and truly present with me as shared about myself and my needs. He was honest and upfront about what he could do, and what kind of support he could offer me.I find him very attentive, and an active listener. I find myself feeling safe with him, and he creates a safe environment to work in, and he truly cares about my welfare.I find the bodywork with Wayne to be both gentle and truly healing. Not only did he check in with me before the session but afterwords as well. I find Wayne to be very responsible and ethical, not only in his work with me, but also in following up and making sure that I was ok outside of our sessions. Once again I would highly recommend Wayne, especially if your body really needs to do some healing.Nancy Rada
I had a great round of healing sessions with Wayne Noel. I was struggling with shoulder and foot stuff. Wayne seems to use a combination of modalities like craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and sound healing to custom fit my sessions. One thing that stuck with me after seeing him is that the correct gentle pressure can often relieve more symptoms than deep, hard pressure. Nice vibe, space and healing music too!Patrick Numair
Wayne Noel has a beautiful practice at North Star Healing Arts. The treatment room was clean and comfortable. I had a blissful treatment. I will definitely go back and recommend it to my friends and family.Ariel coddington
Wayne is a one of a kind healer. Gentle, and intuitive, his simple touch and body manipulation perceptibly open up energy channels, calm, and soothe. My time spent in his presence is precious to me. The best part, though, is the follow-through my body and spirit experiences. Negativity and tension fall away like a shedding skin, and promise and potential take its place. Thank you so much Wayne. I am so glad I discovered you here in P'town.Christopher Harshberger
I saw Wayne at North Star Healing Arts a week ago for the first time for help with my frozen shoulder. It was such a lovely experience. Wayne is very gentle and encouraging, with an open and reassuring manner. I will look forward to going back for my next treatment.Susan Trail
Very medative, improved my sleep!Alexi Quezada
Wayne is very dedicated to his craft and offers a relaxing, safe place for one to receive cranialsacral therapy. I have taken my son to Wayne to help him deal with his braces and orthodontic work. It has been very beneficial.Janu Orrick
Wayne is fantastic. He relieved my son of so much tension and pain in one visit. He went over the hour to treat all of the symptoms. My son woke up today without a headache, first time in weeks! I highly recommend him!Annieb123 Billo
I have found Wayne to be a gifted, intuitive, gentle healer. 💜 His treatment room is soothing, welcoming and a safe space. His garden greets you, the crystal bowls, music, and color therapy are amazing, and you need to experience it to understand it. I came to him after 40 years of daily pain and numbness from two accidents. I had been prescribed opioids for pain, and other pharmaceuticals for anxiety, depression, and sleep. Over the years I had tried the traditional Doctors and physical therapy. I had also turned to chiropractors and acupuncturists with some limited results, but nothing lasting. Within one session with Wayne, I had greater results and more relief from my pain, then all the others combined. Together we are moving towards healing my injuries, and not just muting the pain or deadening the anxiety. He is helping me to unravel my held emotions from years of life's battles and injuries. He is teaching me to be kinder and more gentler in my own healing process and to trust my own intuition about my body and its needs . He is teaching me to love myself again and honor my body. I can't say enough good things about him. Thank you Wayne.Anna Wirt
Wayne gives a wonderful and healing massage. He is very intuitive and uses different modalities to get the best results, reducing pain, increasing mobility, helping to release negative emotions and strengthening the body and mind. The massage is very relaxing as well and he plays great music according to your interest. You have to try it out, it's like nothing I've experienced before. Happy healing!Naomi Silverman
Wayne has such a serious yet very peaceful vibe. His hands on body work is very intuitive and he has deep and broad knowledge of many aspects of the whole body, mind, and spirit approaches to wellness.Steven Bourget
GREAT SERVICE & GREAT EXPERIENCE - Wayne at North Star is intuitive, sensitive, focused, and caring with positive intentions all toward healing & my desired well being. I am scheduling another visit now and I cant wait for more of the same GREAT treatments.Brandon Bredo
Wayne is a skilled and caring healer. Lots of modalities. Highly recommend the sound bowl experience.Lyndell Robinson