Digestive System Cleanse

*All information in this article is for educational purposes only.
*It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

I recently raised the bar on how I treat my body in terms of what goes into it. As part of the process where I began treating my body like a temple rather than a garbage disposal, I chose to  begin cleansing the vital areas and organs in my body. The digestive system was numero uno on my list and every list I came across while doing my research.

After putting in many hours of collecting info, interviewing nutritionists, and trying out different products, I saw amazing results for myself in my overall health and well-being based on the information compiled below. When I shared the vibrant effects I was feeling with those close to me I received many requests for information surrounding this cleanse. So, I gathered everything together here. I’m not a licensed nutritionist, therefore this is presented as my experience and not as advice.


Before starting this cleanse, you need to prepare your body. This means over the course of one month, yes one month, you need to exercise patience and preparedness. Look at all the issues you are experiencing and begin to compile a list of products that you have eaten, drank, consumed etc, that might not be good for your individual constitution. While doing all this research begin upping your intake of water. At the end of this month of preparation, you want to be habitually drinking about twice as much water as you were in the past. Just this aspect of ensuring adequate hydration can begin to improve your health a lot. Chronic dehydration was an issue of mine for years.

During this month of preparation, it is important to begin eliminating processed foods from your diet. Things that you couldn’t just acquire either by buying them at the grocery store, picking them in a garden, or if you eat meat butchering fresh/humane/organic/grass-fed/free-range etc. So basically,  avoid things like sugar, flour, bread, pasta, cookies, juice, alcohol, crackers… Things that have a lot of ingredients and several steps in the preparation from what it once was to what it now is before you eat it. Things that are okay, not ideal, but okay are things like white rice and beans, where you do have to cook considerably before you can eat them, but for the most part they are unprocessed compared to something like bread or cereal.

After this month of preparing your body so it’s not shocked, and so your detox effects are less severe, you can more safely begin the cleanse below… During the first 10 days of this cleanse I consumed nothing but the bentonite, psyllium, water, activated charcoal, electrolytes/minerals, and probiotics. I had a lot of “brain fog” as a result. If you have to function in the real world, brain fog can make it difficult. So I’d recommend trying this with easily digestible/gentle food first, before just consuming what I took in during my first 10 days.


(This can last from 1 day to as long as your intuition tells you to do it. If you plan to do it for longer than a day or two, you should consider some sort of medical supervision to ensure you aren’t going to create more issues than your body is ready to deal with.) Don’t do more than 2 weeks in a row. Take two weeks off if you want to do another 2 weeks.

Absolutely no sugar.  This includes Gatorade (or any other high fructose corn syrup products), honey, agave syrup, molasses. People have responded to me, “Oh, but its raw honey, with all the healthy good stuff in it.” -My response was, “It’s still sugar and bacterial yeast are going to have a party with any type of sugar.”

1) Drink at least 3 liters (90 ounces) of water each day in between everything. Think “FLUSH”.

2) Upon waking, before lunch, and before bed:  Mix 1 tablespoon bentonite clay with 1 tablespoon psyllium husk powder in 12 oz of water. Mix vigorously, drink immediately. 

3) Between lunch/dinner every other day, take one activated charcoal tablet.

4) Drink Dandy blend and celery extract in water with stevia in between meals for the kidneys.

5) Once every seven days drink a cup of olive oil with a cup of lemon juice right before bed. That flushes the liver and gallbladder. You might see little balls in the stool the next day or two following the olive oil & lemon juice. Don’t worry, you are just flushing out the liver/gallbladder.

6) Replenish probiotics and electrolytes in between the flushing products like bentonite, psylium and charcoal (at least 1 hour after). Probiotics and electrolytes are removed when you take supplements like bentonite, psylium and activated charcoal. So you’re basically replenishing after every flush.

6a) Supplement electrolytes & minerals from sources like Emergen-C, ConcenTrace drops, Fulvic mineral liquid etc… it’s more about the electrolytes and less about vitamin C. I recommend a serving of electrolytes 3 times p/day 

6b) Take probiotics that are anti/low histamine or non-allergenic strains. Information on this topic is interestingly in sparse supply (I have compiled a list of the strains that do and don’t affect histamine release in the body here). The probiotics I recommend in this category are: Nature’s Way: Primadophilus Optima, Nature’s Way: Primadophilus Bifidus, Kyolic: Kyo-Dophilus 9, LoveBug: Colds Suck, and Jarrow: Jarro-Dophilus AF.


When coming off of this cleanse continue taking the probiotics and drinking tons of water. In addition, eat as many fibrous veggies as possible. These 3 things will be vital to coming out of the cleanse in a good nurturing way for your digestive system. If you don’t take in healthy and abundant amounts of probiotics, water, veggies, and fiber upon ending the cleanse you’ll likely be constipated and could develop an anal fissure or hemorrhoid by straining to have a bowel movement.

If you ate soft and easily digestible food while on this cleanse, ween yourself very slowly back onto more solid/complex food over the course of one or two weeks. If you transition too quickly, again, strained bowel movements could follow.


*If you have allergies and/or kidney stone issues:

During the entire cleanse, avoid foods/drinks/supplementation with high amounts of histamines (these trigger allergies) & oxalates (often form calcium-oxalate kidney stones). This can make the list of allowed foods very small, and subsequently quite imperative. We are looking to supply the body only with things that it can synergistically use, not things that are going to inflame it and/or make it hard to clean itself.